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Refuse workers in Bexley are on strike against Serco and need your solidarity. Please pass this model motion in your trade union/CLP/other branch to support the strike

Download the motion as a Word document here

This branch notes:

1That around 140 members of Unite working for Bexley council have been on strike since July 12th and will remain on strike until the 25th.

2These workers have been outsourced to Serco by Bexley council, a company notorious for the poor working conditions and pay of its workers and which has recently faced several other campaigns of industrial action in other sectors.

3Workers are on strike as a result of poor pay compared to similar workers in other boroughs. They are striking to demand fair pay for all refuse workers across the borough.

This branch believes:

1That it is a disgrace that key workers who have worked through the pandemic are being treated in this way.

2That the refuse workers in Bexley are right to push back against Serco’s and Bexley council’s attempts to deny them fair wages.

3That workers’ rights are best defended through collective actions, such as strikes.

This branch resolves:

1To send messages of solidarity to [email protected]

2To lobby our local MP to support the strike.

3To support the strike in any way possible.

Join the picket line between 5am and 10am each weekday between 12 July and 25 July at Thames Road Refuse Depot, Crayford, DA1 5QJ.

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