A model motion to pass at your trade union branch/CLP/other organisation in support of bus drivers in London taking strike action

Download the resolution as a Word document you can amend

This ____ notes:

1Bus drivers in London are striking in response to a new proposed contract from their employer RATP which will see a drivers lose up to £2,500 a year in pay and an attack on their working conditions

2That RATP has decided to do this despite being able to operate throughout the pandemic and being paid upfront by Transport for London

3That 42 bus drivers in London have died as a result of Covid

This ___ believes:

1Bus drivers are essential workers who have risked their lives during the pandemic and this attack on their pay and conditions is outrageous

2That workers are right to take industrial action to oppose this insulting attack on their pay and conditions

This ___ resolves:

1To send messages of solidarity to the Unite rep organising the bus drivers’ strike

2To lobby our local MP to support the strike

3To send a delegation to the nearest picket line with our branch banner

4To support action by the bus drivers in every way possible

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