A model resolution to pass at your Trade union branch or CLP or other organisation in support of British Gas workers on strike

You can download the resolution to amend here

This ____ notes:

1That the British Gas engineers are striking in response to fire-and-rehire plans that aim to force reduced pay and conditions on workers under the guise of protecting profitability.

2That Centrica is following the lead of other employers, such as Heathrow and British Airways, who are taking advantage of Covid uncertainty to force aggressive reforms on their workforces.

3That, despite claims of needing to ‘modernise’ its workforce, British Gas recorded an operating profit of £901 million in 2020.

This ___ believes:

1That British Gas workers are right to push back against any attempt to make them carry the burden of lost profits.

2That united action is the best way to defend workers’ rights against unscrupulous employers.

This ___ resolves:

1To send messages of solidarity to our local GMB branch.

2To lobby our local MP to support the strike.

3To send a delegation to the nearest picket line with our branch banner

4To support action by the British Gas workers in every way possible.

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