We have reached the halfway point in our free, radical newspaper crowd funding campaign. Please help us go way over the target

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We are witnessing a massive popular radicalisation that is not reflected in the mainstream media. Seismic changes in public opinion are colliding with established structures and institutions. 

The crisis over the bombing of Syria is one of a series of flashpoints that is polarising politics. There will be more, from the Trade Union Bill to the great debate about Trident replacement. 

For decades, the corporate media has not just been reflecting the free market consensus in Westminster, but helping to forge it. We can no longer allow an establishment media to pretend to speak on our behalf. As a new left emerges we need our own, new, alternative outlets.

Counterfire is launching a free newspaper to develop and popularise the arguments against austerity, racism and war, and to report and discuss the growth of resistance. Ideas and analysis are crucial components of any serious movement of opposition, essential for building effective campaigning networks. 

Our pilot editions have been a hit. People have been contacting us from around the country offering to distribute the paper in different communities, colleges, shops, cafes and workplaces. 

Ten days ago we launched a crowdfunder to raise £5,000 to take the project forward. We have already reached £2,500 and we are now aiming to hit our target in the next couple of weeks and hopefully to go well over it.

The money will go towards design costs but crucially towards establishing a system for distributing the paper and meeting the fantastic demand. 

We urge all our supporters to give generously but also to circulate the crowdfunder on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail. In the right circumstances ideas can become a force for change. Now is one of those moments. Help make change happen.  

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