We're launching Counterfire media. Photo: Counterfire We're launching Counterfire media. Photo: Counterfire

We are launching Counterfire Media. We need your help to do so.

Counterfire launched in 2010. Since then, both the website and the organisation have played a vital role in organising mass resistance to war, racism and austerity. We have been at the forefront of supporting Jeremy Corbyn and popularising arguments for radical change. 

There is a clearly a big appetite for socialist ideas. Recently, with the left under constant attack, the number of people reading our articles and briefings has risen significantly.

As the world becomes a more polarised, complex and dangerous place, socialist reportage, commentary and analysis is at a premium.

That is why we have decided to step up and launch Counterfire Media. To add to our daily output of written commentary and reports and our weekly briefings and bulletins, we are lining up podcasts, interviews, video reports, regular guest columns and theoretical articles, as well as expanding our book publishing operation. 

This is going to cost money. We will need thousands of pounds worth of equipment, studio time, and new software. 

But it will be worth it. Faced with its biggest opportunity in decades but also a barrage of attacks and smears, the left desperately needs to put its case clearly, convincingly, and with courage.

We can’t flinch from hard arguments or difficult causes. There are many, many people who are ignored by the mainstream who want their opinions and voices heard. This is a time of great hope and potential, but only if we are all prepared to be part of shaping our future.  

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