We need a bigger, stronger extra-parliamentary left.

Faced with endless austerity, crumbling services and a climate emergency, millions of people are looking for fundamental change. 

Getting Corbyn elected would be a good start, but it’s obvious that the left needs to fight on all fronts to succeed. We need to strengthen the street movements, rebuild the unions and encourage every single fighback against an economic system that is more and more out of control.

Counterfire was central to organising the recent demonstration at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester and the protests against Boris Johnson closing parliament. We support the school students’ climate strikes and we are pushing for wider walkouts wherever possible. We are working for the biggest possible protests against Trump when he comes over to the NATO conference in December.

Counterfire has branches around the country, we have one of the best websites on the left and a popular monthly free paper. We work hard to develop ideas and analysis capable of taking those struggles forwards and to popularise 21st century socialism.

We need you to get involved. The opportunity opened up by Corbyn’s leadership can only be taken by a vibrant, militant mass movement in the streets, workplaces and colleges. 

This is what Counterfire aims to achieve. Join us and make it happen.