The Latest EDL attempt to whip up islamophobia on twitter has badly backfired reports Sanum Ghafoor

Tommy Robinson, self appointed leader of the EDL, began using the hashtag #creepingsharia on Twitter yesterday. It was his attempt to highlight how the growing Islamification of Britain had now seeped through and infiltrated social networking websites.

welcome to twitter homepage has a picture of a mosque. what a joke #creepingsharia

— Tommy Robinson EDL (@EDLTrobinson) April 15, 2012

But as usual, people reacted to Tommy Robinson in the way they should react to any racist, islamophobic idiot- they ridiculed his revolting ideology and turned it into a work of satirical genius, resulting in the hashtag backfiring on the EDL, the acronym in this case, and in any case for that matter, standing for Eternally Delusional Losers.  Currently trending worldwide, below are a few of my favourite #creepingsharia tweets.

If you look really carefully, a packet of iced gems looks like lots & lots of little Mosques. #creepingsharia

— Catriona Soutar (@lacatchat) April 16, 2012

#creepingsharia is hilarious. Glad these EDL numpties can be beaten with British humour #holdtyttwitter

— Danny de Reybekill (@danny_boy_543) April 16, 2012

@EDLTrobinson The Musims drank lots of coffee because alcohol was forbidden, now there’s coffee shops everywhere! #creepingsharia

— Ben Shipley (@Doctor_Rock27) April 16, 2012

I’ve never eaten pork in my life. I thought it was because I was a vegetarian, but now I realise… #creepingsharia

— Jay Foster (@itsJayFoster) April 16, 2012

Think about this next time you get a vaccine: my jab > mi jab> mijab > hijab #creepingsharia

— Kwami Odoom (@Odoooom) April 16, 2012

Will.I am from #Thevoice has a beard, similar to Muslims. #creepingsharia

— Ruwayda Mustafah (@RuwaydaMustafah) April 16, 2012

Skipped brekkie today cos there was no milk for cereal. Tricked into fasting? #CreepingSharia

— Robbie Gibbo (@RobbieGibbo) April 16, 2012

#creepingsharia is hilarious. Glad these EDL numpties can be beaten with British humour #holdtyttwitter

— Danny de Reybekill (@danny_boy_543) April 16, 2012

Muslim mate dunked her Rich Tea the other day. Took a bite, turned that proud British biscuit into a crescent. Heartbreaking #creepingsharia

— M W A (@mo_bury) April 16, 2012

Our biggest soap opera is called “East”enders, the direction of Mecca.#creepingsharia

— ✨Vagestic Highness✨ (@Quannoi) April 16, 2012

I saw Sinbad, Ali Baba and Aladdin in a children’s bookshop. #indoctrination #creepingsharia

— Yxas (@Yxas7) April 16, 2012

Alcohol is not available at my children’s primary school #creepingsharia

— Keith Kahn-Harris (@KeithKahnHarris) April 16, 2012

MECCA bingo #creepingsharia

— christy masterson (@its_christy) April 16, 2012

Had a chicken roast dinner last night. We usually have pork #creepingsharia

— Tom Meakin (@tmeakin) April 16, 2012

It’s quite sunny outside. It’s also sunny in Saudi Arabia. #creepingsharia

— Amir Brooks (@amirbrooks) April 16, 2012


— curious george (@PurpleDaemon) April 16, 2012

Just found a copy of Cat Stevens’ best hits on my iTunes. #creepingsharia

— $hnu Strangeways (@feministpirate) April 16, 2012

Alan Shearer sounds like Allah Sheria. #creepingsharia

— tony dunn (@tonydunn1962) April 16, 2012

Had to use algebra at work today. #creepingsharia

— Resolute Reader (@resolutereader) April 16, 2012

My girlfriend wraps a towel around her head after a shower. #creepingsharia #EDL

— brett taylor (@3599bt) April 16, 2012

My female friend had a hoody on last night with the hood up the whole time… #creepingsharia

— Little King ~ Poet (@Ryan_UkHipHop) April 16, 2012

Air is Halal, coincidence? #creepingsharia

— Alamin Rashid (@Alamin_R) April 16, 2012


Demonstrate against the EDL in Luton

EDL thugsOn the 5th May 2012 the EDL will be holding their national demo in Luton. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are calling on all anti-racists and anti-fascists to assemble in Wardown Park, New Bedford Road, Luton, LU3 1LP at 11am and march to St George’s Square, in the town centre, in solidarity against the EDL.