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A great turnout at Loughton delivery Office.

A great turnout at Loughton delivery Office. Source: Joe McCluskey / Counterfire

Counterfire members report from CWU Royal Mail picket lines around the country on the sixth day of the national strike

Longton - Joe McCluskey

Another great turnout at Longton Delivery Office today for the latest round of strike action. Spirits are high on the picket line and we received plenty of support from passing motorists. Lots of positive conversations amongst members about the national talks and the need to keep the pressure on the bosses. We'll be out again on Thursday 20th October, so please support your postie and visit your nearest picket line.

Langworthy - Chris Neville

Lively picket at Salford’s Langworthy Delivery Depot. Source: Chris Neville / Counterfire

Salford’s Langworthy Delivery Depot had a lively picket line this morning with CWU members on the corner of the road waving flags and holding a banner which read “Honk if you back us”.

The depot was fully closed but pickets complained of managers covering rounds at nearby scab depots. One picket was critical of the government’s new ‘scab charter’ which is paving the way for agency workers to pick up the slack and break strikes.

Despite this, the pickets were in high spirits and garnered lots of support from the public in a busy area of Salford. With so many strike days coming up in the next few weeks, more support from the public and the wider labour movement is essential to help keeps spirits high and let these workers know that we are on their side in their battle with the greedy Royal Mail bosses.

Holbeck - Alex Snowdon

Determined mood at CWU picket line at Holbeck Delivery Office in Leeds. Source: Alex Snowdon / Counterfire

There was a determined mood on the CWU picket line at Holbeck Delivery Office in Leeds. Participation in the strike is 100% at the workplace and a high proportion of the strikers were on the picket line. Some had been there since 5am.

A number of NEU activists visited to extend solidarity and discuss our pay campaigns. In the NEU we are currently at the end of our indicative ballot and will move to a full strike action ballot - for 260,000 teachers - in November. It was inspiring to hear CWU strikers talk about the several days of strike action they have taken, the resolute commitment of the workers, and the public support they have received.

Walworth & Kennington - Cici Washburn

Determined mood at CWU picket line at Holbeck Delivery Office in Leeds. Source: Alex Snowdon / Counterfire

The strike was solid on the Walworth & Kennington DO picket line in South London this morning. The pickets’ resolve was determined as Royal Mail and CWU enter talks. The strikers were pleased to see many familiar faces returning to show solidarity. One agency worker arrived and on realising it was a strike day he immediately refused to cross the picket line, shook everyone’s hand and went home. Many who turned up to collect their parcels came and spoke to the strikers and expressed their support.

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