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Abortion - rights, morals and class

Abortion posterLaura Woods looks at the issue of abortion and how reproductive rights are central both to women's liberation and class politics.

  • Written by Laura Woods
  • Category: Opinion

Victory to the minors!

Students need our support not just because they deserve it but also because the fate of the education system and the welfare state depends on their success.

Our kind of big society

All those who are opposed to the cuts must give the ConDems our kind of big society - resistance on the scale of a mass movement.

  • Written by Feyzi Ismail
  • Category: Opinion

Baby P, social work and the family

Baby PThe publication of the heavily redacted Serious Case Review into the tragic death of Peter Connelly (previously known as Baby P) has brought the inevitable headlines vilifying social workers.

  • Written by Laura Woods
  • Category: Opinion

Household economics

pot noodle and fois grasThe ConDems are always comparing the national deficit to a household budget. ‘You know’ they say, ‘if your family spends more than it earns in a week , it has to cut back’.

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Opinion

Climate change: the shoddy politics of 10:10

clip from 10:10 videoThe new promotional video for 10:10, the very respectable and mainstream environmental group, has generated a fair amount of online reaction and discussion in the last day or two. It is perhaps the worst campaign video I've ever seen.

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Opinion

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