Revolution! this Sunday will be an opportunity to discuss the deepening crisis and next steps for the left

The danger of escalating war in the Middle East is at the highest since October, following events at the weekend. As Lindsey German pointed out in her briefing this morning, the difference between the response from western governments (and its allies Jordan and Saudi Arabia) to defend Israel on Saturday night and their refusal to do anything to stop Israel’s genocide in Gaza for over 6 months, is stark.

This rapidly deepening crisis raises urgent questions about the Palestine solidarity and wider anti-war movements. Counterfire’s Revolution! event on Sunday at SOAS University is well-timed and will provide activists with a day of analysis on the state of imperialism, the democratic crisis at home and strategy for the left.

The discussions will be led by a fantastic line-up of speakers including Ghassan Abu Sittah, Jeremy Corbyn, Lindsey German, Tariq Ali, Ghada Karmi, Yanis Varoufakis (Zoom), Katherine Connelly, John Rees, Michael Lavalette, Shabbir Lakha and more.

Tickets are selling fast, secure your place by booking now and please spread the word to your colleagues, family and friends.

A childminding facility is available, please email [email protected] to book.

Before you go

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