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Our crowdfunder has reached over 25% of its target within a week, but we need your help

Counterfire is growing so quickly we need to move to a bigger office, ramp up our paper distribution and employ more staff.

That is why we are asking our members and supporters to give as generously as you can to our crowdfunder to raise £20,000.

Here is what some of our supporters are saying about Counterfire and why they have given:

“the defeat of Corbynism has left many on the left disoriented. But we can’t give in to apathy. With mainstream politics rapidly moving rightwards, building independent socialist organisation has never been more important. Counterfire has been a leading light of the British left for over a decade; I’m proud to support its continued growth as it maintains its role as a key vehicle for socialism in the UK.”

– Sam Colclough from Crewe

“The paper with the best headlines and front pages on the Palestine demonstrations!”
– Anonymous 

“I find Counterfire analysis extremely insightful and helpful. There is so much that is ghastly in the world at the moment and reading the paper and receiving the weekly mailings helps keep me grounded.”
– Leah Levane from Hastings 

“Like your stance – and always look forward to Lindsey German on Mondays!”
– Annie and Martin from Eastbourne 

“Counterfire have been central to building the anti-war, pro-Palestine movement in Britain. The newspaper front pages for the national demonstrations have been iconic; the website essential for anyone who wants regularly updated radical content on all the key political issues we face.”
– Michael Lavalette from Preston

Please give generously!

Before you go

Counterfire is growing faster than ever before

We need to raise £20,000 as we are having to expand operations. We are moving to a bigger, better central office, upping our print run and distribution, buying a new printer, new computers and employing more staff.

Please give generously.

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