National demonstration for Palestine, London, 28 October National demonstration for Palestine, London, 28 October. Photo: Oscar Cousins

A message from Counterfire

As Israel intensifies its attacks on Gaza and the West Bank, we need the strongest and broadest movement possible to confront the Tories, Starmer and the media enabling and justifying war crimes.

This Saturday, there are local protests taking place all over the country. Find your nearest one and please get down to it, bring your friends, family and work colleagues. In London there will also be a rally in Trafalgar Square at 2:30pm.

Given the shameful role Starmer’s Labour is playing and the vacillation of the Labour left, we also need a principled socialist alternative. We need to link up the fight for Palestinian liberation with the struggles against war more broadly, the cost of living crisis, racism and climate inaction.

Please consider joining Counterfire. Counterfire is a socialist organisation that has played a central role in building the Palestine solidarity, anti-war and anti-austerity movements over the last decade, including the recent protests nationally and locally. Our website and free newspaper helps activists cut through the media bias and arm themselves with key socialist arguments.

Now more than ever, we need a fighting left that connects the issues and builds organisation in every part of the country.

So please get involved and become a member of Counterfire today!