Four recently joined Counterfire members explain why they became members

The Tories and their big business friends have created a crisis so severe that is going to make life impossible for many people this winter. 

It is crucial the left responds quickly and effectively. Especially given the weakness of the Labour leadership, we need to build opposition in the workplaces, in our communities and on the streets. We need to build solidarity with every strike and struggle, and we need to bring the many strands of opposition into a movement with the power to force through real change.

We also need to make the case for system change. It’s clear that 21st century capitalism is threatening our very futures. The need for a society based on democratic planning by and for working people has rarely been more obvious.

Resistance is not automatic. Counterfire is at the centre of building the broadest possible fightback and popularising the arguments for socialism. We are growing. Below four new members explain why they joined us. Please read what they say and think about doing the same:

fatimah-ahmed-lg.jpgFatima Yasmin Ahmed – Anti-war activist

The striking difference between Starmer’s divisive Labour lacking any real opposition and the hope- inspiring leadership of Corbyn left me discouraged, disappointed and tempted to disengage from politics altogether.

Counterfire has been a key part in keeping me optimistic about building and mobilising a new and different left. It focuses on not only what happens within Parliament, but organises and supports local campaigns, strikes, and protests that affect ordinary people.

doncho-atanassov-lg.jpgDoncho Atanassov – Student

I joined Counterfire because I want to oppose the disastrous tendencies of capitalism and neoliberalism which have been responsible for austerity, the climate crisis, imperialist wars, and have deepened the misery felt by millions of working class people.

We need to build a politics that connects these things and brings together as many people as possible to fight collectively for fundamental change.

joe-mccluskey-lg.jpgJoe McCluskey – Postal worker, trade unionist

I joined Counterfire earlier this year after meeting some comrades through the Political Education Project and the Manchester Beehive.

After being in the Labour Party for a number of years it was exciting to see an organisation that was openly socialist and committed to political education and building the wider extra-parliamentary left that we so desperately need.

holly-rigby-1-lg.jpgHolly Rigby – Teacher, writer

Having been a supporter of Counterfire’s website, which offers some of the sharpest political analysis on the left, I joined as a member following the defeat of Corbynism.

I believe Counterfire is dedicated to building social movements against war, austerity, the unequal impact of Covid-19 and climate change necessary in our troubled world today.

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