Tories Out graffiti. Photo: Flickr/duncan c Tories Out graffiti. Photo: Flickr/duncan c

Boris Johnson has to be resisted, and that means we have to get organised

The election result was a big blow for the left and for the thousands who put their hearts and souls into an epic campaign.

But clearly a Boris Johnson government with a big majority has to be resisted and we are entering a new phase of the struggle. We need a serious analysis of what went wrong, a strategy for mobilising the millions of people who are utterly sick of Tory policies and a plan for how to rebuild the left in whole parts of the country.

This involves a focus on the grassroots in communities, workplaces and universities. It means strengthening the unions and organising campaigns and protests up and down Britain. 

This in turn will require a dynamic extra-parliamentary left. We are asking you to join Counterfire today, or, if you are not quite ready to join, to become a supporter

Counterfire has backed Corbyn to the hilt. We played an important role in the anti-austerity movement that helped generate Corbynism and we are committed to sustaining and growing the anti-war movement. We build solidarity and support for every strike and protest around the country. Our site and our free newspaper provide vital analysis and help to popularise socialist ideas. 

In this challenging moment, we need to grow. There are mass protests around the world pointing to a deep crisis of neoliberal capitalism. There are hundreds of thousands of activists who want to keep fighting. We can build resistance here. Join us now and help make it happen.