Weetabix workers on strike. Weetabix workers on strike. Photo: Margery Thorogood / Counterfire

As Weetabix workers continue to strike against the assault on their pay and conditions, community activists stand with the strikers. Margery Thorogood reports from Windsor

Weetabix are currently threatening to fire-and-rehire their employees on worse terms and conditions despite being a hugely profitable company.

Workers will suffer huge cuts to their take-home pay and engineers are now striking against this appalling practice which is getting a real hold across both private and public sectors at accelerating speed.


Unite is campaigning in towns across the country, protesting outside the big supermarkets which sell Weetabix products. Some of these have signed up to the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), yet their stocking of such products renders this a sham.

On Wednesday in Windsor a protest took place outside Waitrose, M&S and the Co-op. There was huge interest from local people who learned about the Weetabix situation and also about fire-and-rehire.


We must continue to show our solidarity with the strikers and amplify the community campaign in support for them.

Solidarity with Weetabix workers! End Fire & Rehire!

Sign the petition in support of the workers and follow @unitetheunion and @StopWeetabix for details of picket lines and protests outside supermarkets.

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