RMT Glasgow rally RMT Glasgow rally. Photo: Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

Vladimir Unkovski-Korica reports on the Glasgow RMT picket line and strike rally and Counterfire members give us a view of picket lines around the country

Following another strong picket at Glasgow Central, the RMT today held a protest outside the Network Rail offices in Vincent Street a short walk away at 12.30.

Cross-union support was immediately visible, with speakers and banners from Unite, Unison, GMB and UCU.

Speaking for the RMT union, Gordon Martin made particular mention of the threatened 50 percent cut in fleet maintenance regimes, which he said would put the safety and lives of passengers at greater risk.

Moreover, he decried the shameful proposed legislation further attacking the right to strike, already massively curtailed in Tory Britain.

The assembled crowd of 150 demonstrated that there was widespread support for the RMT and an understanding that wider issues were at stake.

Speakers repeatedly made the point that the attacks on rail workers and working people across the country in the context of the greatest cost of living crisis required a unified and militant response from the labour movement. Calls for striking together went down particularly well.

This kind of solidarity shows the way but needs to be built on going forward. We need to move from words to mass, joint action.

Photo: Vladimir Unkovski-Korica


In Lewisham, the local People’s Assembly organised a solidarity rally at the picket line which saw the community turnout to show their support.

Photo: John McGrath


Photo: Dominic Sorrell

London Bridge

Photo: Unjum Mirza

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Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

Vladimir Unkovski-Korica is a member of Marks21 in Serbia and a supporter of Counterfire. He is on the editorial board of LeftEast and teaches at the University of Glasgow.

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