We need your help to finance the resistance

This is the ruling classes’ deepest crisis since the Second World War. They face a Brexit they don’t want, divisions they can’t mend and a mood of rebellion they can’t understand.

It is a profoundly volatile situation, but one that opens up a big opportunity for the left. Corbynism expresses a widespread mood for radical change. The left has to support him, while building the widest possible popular movement on the ground against austerity, racism and war.

We are writing to ask you to donate to Counterfire’s fighting fund, to become a member and take out a direct debit to us, or raise your monthly payment if you are already a member.

Making a difference

A big, vibrant, extra-parliamentary left is absolutely vital in the weeks and months ahead – the treachery by the Labour right proves it – which is why we want to expand fast. Our free paper, less than one year old, already reaches 10,000 people a month through 70 hubs nationally.  Our website is crucial to thousands – last week it was visited by 27,000 readers.

Counterfire has been crucial to the People’s Assembly and the mass demonstrations against austerity, the convoy to Calais and other anti-racist initiatives, the Chilcot actions and all the protests against foreign wars, as well as many of the mobilisations in defence of Corbyn.

But we need to do more – most importantly we want to double the reach of our paper, getting it into more workplaces, universities and particularly focusing on areas worst hit by economic meltdown.

We also want to expand our publishing operation, set up new groups and strengthen our social media operation.

The price of resistance

All this will cost a lot of money. We have set up an immediate fighting fund with a £3,000 pound target, but expanding our regular income makes all the difference and we aim to increase our monthly income by £500 in short order.

Please join us now, raise your subs and/or donate generously to help strengthen the voice for change. It only takes a few minutes and it will make a real difference.