Liverpool anti-arms fair protest Liverpool anti-arms fair protest. Photo: Michael Lavalette

Ahead of the Electronic Warfare Europe arms fair in Liverpool, protesters gathered to call for it to be cancelled, reports Michael Lavalette

Several hundred people attended the latest rally against the Electronic Warfare Europe arms fair on Saturday lunchtime.

The arms fair begins on Tuesday and the rally was the latest public protest demanding that Liverpool City Council, as the owners of the building complex hosting the event, act to shut down the event.

Tuesday will bring some of the world’s richest companies and their representatives to Liverpool to showcase their murderous weapons. Over the week they will try to secure lucrative contracts for weapon sales from a range of killer regimes.

Over the summer the people of Liverpool have raised their voice to make it clear the merchants of death are not welcome in the city.

Liverpool has a proud tradition as a city of peace, a welcoming city to refugees and the victims of state oppression and war.

On 11 September, thousands marched against the prospect of the Fair going ahead. 

On Saturday hundreds protested outside the Town Hall to hear from speakers from Stop the War, Black Lives Matter, Merseyside Pensioners Alliance, Liverpool Friends of Palestine, the local Yemeni community and from both UCU and CWU trades unions.

Now all eyes turn to Tuesday. A picket and protest has been called for 7am as Liverpool unites to make it clear: merchants of death are not welcome here.

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