Palestine demonstrators in London | Photo: Shabbir Lakha Palestine demonstrators in London | Photo: Shabbir Lakha

Thousands of protesters descended on Whitehall to confront Britain’s complicity in Israeli apartheid, reports Cici Washburn

Several thousand protesters descended on Downing Street in response to the call to ‘Resist G7 – justice for Palestine’ Demonstration in solidarity with Palestine, demanding an end to Israeli apartheid.

As the G7 summit takes place in Cornwall, protesters called the US and UK governments to account for supplying arms and support to Israel and their complicity in the oppression of the Palestinian people. Around 250 Palestinians were killed last month and thousands more injured, while in the last 5 years the UK has sold £400 million worth of arms to Israel.

The searing heat in London couldn’t suppress the anger and energy of the protesters. Speakers included Lindsey German, Lowkey, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn. Lindsey German received huge applause when she explained the G7 is “about them carving up more for their profits, endorsing more wars like the war in Yemen and the war in Iraq.”

She added “Keep protesting, keep demonstrating, keep organising. We are in solidarity with the Palestinian people…. We have a mass movement here and we’re not going to stop until the Palestinians get justice.”

As well as saying that Boris Johnson should get a train back to London, Jeremy Corbyn said “Our world is faced with a human rights crisis. Our world is faced with an inequality and poverty crisis, exacerbated by Covid. The answer to those problems is not more arms, more wars, more cold wars.” 

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