RMT President Alex Gordon addresses the rally | Photo: Yonas Makoni RMT President Alex Gordon addresses the rally | Photo: Yonas Makoni

Demonstration organised by the RMT demands reinstatement of sacked P&O workers, reports Yonas Makoni

Demonstrators gathered on Monday at Palace Street in London in protest against the sacking of P&O ferry workers. The demands of the protest, organised by the RMT union, was the immediate reinstatement of the workers and the resignation of boss Peter Hebblethwaite. There were also frequent calls to ‘seize the ships’ – that is, to put the company under public ownership.

After gathering at the P&O offices next to Buckingham Palace, the demonstration marched to Parliament Sq where speeches were held by RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch, several Labour MPs including Jeremy Corbyn and others. Speakers emphasised the shameless nature of the attack and the dismal state of British employment legislation and workers’ rights. They enjoined the politicians speaking out against the attacks in Parliament to put their money where their mouths were and join the rally.

As argued by Richard Allday, this move will have grave consequences for workers’ rights. Employers across the country will be watching carefully to see whether P&O manage to pull off this attack. We need to rally the whole movement to make sure they don’t.


Photo: Yonas Makoni


Photo: Yonas Makoni

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