Manchester university students protesting racism Photo: Lucy Nichols Manchester university students protesting racism Photo: Lucy Nichols

After a black student was racially profiled by university security, students have taken to the streets of Fallowfield to demand justice

The University of Manchester has been forced to suspend a number of their security guards after a black student was racially profiled at the Fallowfield Campus on Friday night. The student was pinned against a wall by two guards, one of whom was not wearing a mask, before he was allowed to get his student ID out. The university has also had to issue a formal apology and launch an investigation.

Following the incident, hundreds of students have taken to the streets of Fallowfield protesting against the blatant racial profiling.

The incident comes at a time when the university is under huge pressure from students, who have organised several protests against the university management, which has failed to provide adequate health and safety since the start of the term, leading to thousands of students contracting Covid-19.

They are also protesting against the failure to keep to their promise of some face-to-face teaching, which was used to convince students to return to the university in September and allow the university to receive thousands of pounds in rent.

A couple of weeks ago, students tore down fencing, which was erected around the Fallowfield campus at the cost of £11,000. The fences were put up without any warning from the university and had only one exist, which was guarded by security.

Students are now occupying Owens Park Tower in the Fallowfield Campus, demanding that they meet with the vice-chancellor to discuss their demands, which include rent reduction of at least 40% and increased support for students in Halls of Residence. The university management have still refused to meet with the occupiers and have called the police on occupiers and protestors.

The occupiers released a statement after the racial profiling incident, saying:

“The actions of university security were racist and totally unacceptable. All students should feel safe on campus, and the University of Manchester has a duty of care that it has clearly neglected.

The University of Manchester must take responsibility for this disgustingly racist abuse of power and take action over those involved.”

Updates on the occupation can be found on @rentstrikeUoM on Twitter.

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