Counterfire is launching a new website. As the struggle grows, socialist organisation and analysis is crucial. Help fund the fightback.

Early in the new year, Counterfire will be launching a new website. We are asking you to help us fund it.

A deep crisis is threatening the livelihoods of millions of working people across the country. The official opposition dithers, but outside Parliament, resistance is growing fast. From the COP26 demonstrations in Glasgow to the increasing strike activity, people are coming together to fight back and demand a better future.

Counterfire is a socialist organisation committed to building the biggest possible movements against a system that is creating more and more crisis and misery.  

Since our launch in 2010, we have grown ten-fold and gained wide influence in the movement. Our website has become one of the best-read publications on the left, covering the latest news, opinion and high-level analysis on topics ranging from the trade union fightback, climate change and the international struggle, to music, theatre and film. 

Our new website will be much more focused on campaigning and organising, while further developing the level of reportage, analysis and theory. It will be more user friendly, easier to navigate, more responsive and will include more dynamic content on a wide variety of subjects. It will allow Counterfire to get our message out much further and to carry on making key interventions in real-world issues that affect us all.

Please give generously and help make change happen.

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