Video from this month’s Counterforum which examined the role of two leading Marxist revolutionaries.

Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik Party and the architect of the Russian revolution. He remains the foremost Marxist theorist of political organisation.

Georg Lukacs is the greatest Marxist philosopher since Marx. But he was also an active revolutionary – a commissar in the Hungarian Workers Republic of 1919.

Together the writings of Lenin and Lukacs are a unique inheritance for activists today. Counterfire is organising a day of discussion on the work of these two historic figures.


Lenin’s theory of political organisation

This session reviews Lenin’s theory of political organisation, still one of the most controversial practical applications of Marxist theory to the reality of class struggle.

Lukacs’ contribution to Marxism

Chris Nineham examines Lukacs unique contribution to our understanding of class consciousness and the role of political organisation in social change.

The Democratic Revolution and the Socialist Revolution

John Rees looks at the recent revolutionary experiences from the East European revolutions of 1989 to the democratic revolutionary movements in Thailand and Iran using the framework developed by Lenin and Lukacs

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