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Ramsgate RMT picket line

Ramsgate RMT picket line. Photo: Candy

Reports and pictures from picket lines around the country on the sixth day of the RMT's national rail strike

Southampton - Julie Hope

Good turnouts at the picket line at Southampton Central station on three days this week. Workers and comrades stood in solidarity for another week and will continue to do so until this action is resolved with a proper pay rise and putting passenger safety before the owner’s profits. We were joined this week by the Southampton leader of the council - showing her solidarity with the ongoing strike action. All are resolved to keep up the pressure and the public are showing their support despite any inconvenience caused to their travel arrangements. In solidarity we will prevail and win.

Photo: Julie Hope

London Bridge

Photo: Unjum Mirza


Photo: Dorothy Macedo

Photo: Clara Astill

Glasgow - Sophie Johnson

On Saturday morning around 100 gathered on the picket line outside Glasgow Central Station to support the RMT. Just a few days after Mick Lynch spoke alongside local trade union leaders, the crowd was energised and confident. Alongside familiar trade union figures and RMT workers, rank-and-file members from the breadth of Glasgow’s union landscape could be found on the line.

Impassioned speeches from union representatives and activists joined the immediate RMT dispute to the wider class struggle and singing led by a group from a local community choir made for an emphatic crowd. Yesterday’s turnout was also testament to Glasgow’s growing Solidarity Network and the movement’s organisational potential. The unity, strength and solidarity displayed yesterday is only set to grow.

Photo: Robin Zheng

Photo: Robin Zheng

Dover Priory

Photo: Beccy Sawbridge

Newcastle - Tony Dowling

Another great turnout in support of RMT strikes at Newcastle central station on Saturday. All morning there was support from individuals and groups visiting and offering solidarity, with lots of passing traffic beeping in support too! Supporters included Acorn Newcastle, teachers union NASUW, DPAC North East, Hexham Labour, PCS union as well as our group of People’s Assembly North East supporters bringing solidarity and promoting our public meeting with RMT, Aslef and CWU strikers on 8 September.

Photo: Nabeela Ali


Photo: Jackie Lederer

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