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Goldsmiths strike rally

Goldsmiths strike rally. Photo: Jim Aindow

Goldsmiths strikers rallied defiantly as their strike entered its second week

Goldsmiths University staff on strike were in high spirits at a lively picket line and rally on Tuesday. Entering the second week of their strike, they remain determined to win and were buoyed by the outpouring of solidarity.

At a rally in the main courtyard, the strikers and supporting students were addressed by Richard Burgon MP, Deborah Hobson of The Liberation Movement, UCU General Secretary Jo Grady. They were also joined by Sage Nursing Home care worker who was part of the recent victorious struggle for higher pay who extended her solidarity. Brian Eno, who was due to attend but couldn't make it, sent in a moving and powerful message to the strikers reminding them of the importance of their struggle in resisting the Tory attacks on working people, education and the arts.

For the next three days, Goldsmiths UCU members will be on 'double strike' as they join the national UCU strike, and on Friday will join a London UCU march. Continue to show your support by getting down to their picket lines and donating to the strike fund.

Photo: Jim Aindow

Photo: Jim Aindow
Photo: Jim Aindow

Photo: Jim Aindow

Photo: Jim Aindow

Photo: Jim Aindow

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Shabbir Lakha

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