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Bus strike picket line

Bus strike picket line. Photo: Unjum Mirza

Stamford Brook and Hounslow Heath garages have joined the London bus strike with drivers determined to keep fighting, reports Unjum Mirza

Once again, bus drivers at RATP owned London United have delivered solid strike action after 'peace talks' collapsed on Tuesday.

The drivers have stood firm on strike for an eigth time against the employers' disgraceful efforts to drive down their wages and cut their terms and conditions resulting in about a £2,500 a year wage cut for drivers. 

As with employers across industries, RATP are seeking to use the Covid-19 pandemic as cover to undermine workers' gains from hard-fought past struggles to boost company profits.

Hounslow Unite rep Ian May explained:

"The talks on Tuesday started positive as we go the 'Transfer Agreement' in place. Unfortunately, it then broke down as the company did not want to discuss the contracts imposed that started in 2019 and were not prepared to move on from their position with these contracts. The company did not want to give us a revised percentage offer for 2019 and 2020 and refused to talk any further. Basically, the meeting ended with us being no further forward"

With Stamford Brook and Hounslow Heath bus garages now entering the fray, all seven London United bus depots are now set to strike on Wednesday next week.

Clive, a bus driver for 33 years said: "This job's got worse and worse since privatisation and its only gonna get worse until all bus drivers across London get together"

Please pass this model motion at your local trade union branch/CLP/trades council.

Send messages of solidarity to [email protected]

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Unjum Mirza

Unjum Mirza is a driver on the London Underground. He is on the Editorial Board of Tunnel Vision, the rank and file bulletin, and is an Aslef union branch chair.

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