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Cavalcade in solidarity with Barnoldswick strikers

Cavalcade in solidarity with Barnoldswick strikers. Photo: Giacomo Hall

Car rally shows the huge support for workers in Barnoldswick who continue to fight for their jobs, reports Ian Johnston

Comrades from Manchester People’s Assembly joined striking workers and members of the local community at a car rally in support of the Rolls-Royce workers at Barnoldswick on Saturday. Over 200 vehicles participated, showing support for workers who have been on strike since last month in a fight to secure the factory’s future.

The rally, which began at a retail outlet in Colne and toured the surrounding area, before concluding with a drive past the Rolls-Royce factory in Barnoldswick, saw vehicles festooned with flags and banners in solidarity with the striking workforce. There was a carnival atmosphere, as locals showed their support, waving, clapping and beeping their car horns.

A socially distanced rally followed, held within earshot of the Rolls-Royce factory, where Kat Graves, a Barnoldswick shop steward, said that

“Now, more than ever, we need to fight for what is right for our community and our families. We need to stop big companies offshoring, because it is beyond wrong to ruin the livelihoods of these many skilled men and women that I have had the privilege to work with.”

Video: Giacomo Hall

Ross Quinn, Unite Regional Officer, added that the striking workers had “created an unstoppable force, uniting hope in people right across this country. A new generation is seeing that there is always an alternative, there is always hope, and if you fight, you can win.”

The Barndoldswick Rolls-Royce workers have been treated with nothing but contempt by management, but they have shown that they are not going to back down. Their strike will continue until Christmas eve and may go on further if their demands are not met. Show your support by passing this letter of solidarity at your trade union branch or CLP.

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