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Manchester People's Assembly Protest

Manchester People's Assembly Protest, Photo: Lucy Nichols

Now in a Tier 3 lockdown, Manchester protesters call out Tory incompetence and demand proper support, reports Lucy Nichols

Today hundreds of Mancunians braved torrential rain to protest against the Conservative government and its treatment of Greater Manchester.

The Tory government’s response to the crisis has been abysmal. Working people have been totally let down, as thousands have lost their lives, jobs and livelihoods. The second wave has brought a renewed sense of uncertainty, especially given the boom of cases in Manchester

Since the rushed Tier 3 lockdown was introduced on Friday, anti-Tory sentiment has erupted around the city. People are understandably angry at the government, especially as it has allocated just £22 million to the city – a mere £8 per person – to keep it going until Tier 3 is lifted.

This anger today culminated in a Manchester People’s Assembly demonstration in central Manchester.

Despite the heavy rain, around 250 people attended as speakers from around Greater Manchester – including Labour councillors, trade unionists and local activists – demanded better from the Conservative government.

Speeches were met with enthusiasm by protesters and onlookers alike, as the protest received media attention at a local and national level.

Though it was started and ended in just an hour, this protest demonstrated exactly what Manchester thinks of the Tories. It is unlikely to be the last protest against this disastrous Tory government, which will continue to fail the people in this country unless there is a coherent and unified effort to stop it.


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