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Counterfire public meeting. Photo: Jim Aindow

Counterfire public meeting. Photo: Jim Aindow

A list of upcoming public meetings hosted by Counterfire local groups around the country


Covid-19, the Tory Meltdown and the Resistance - Scotland Counterfire


Workers on the frontline: How do we build the resistance? - South London Counterfire


North London Counterfire

  • Tuesday 14 July, 6:30pm - Public meeting. Details will be announced on the Facebook page.

Workers and the Resistance: How do we get organised? - Manchester Counterfire


Starmer's Labour: Is there life after Corbyn? - Newcastle Counterfire


Race, Class and Capitalism - Bristol Counterfire

liverpool cf.jpg

Covid, Race and the Resistance - Liverpool Counterfire


Marx and the Climate Crisis - Essex and Suffolk Counterfire


Socialists and Trade Unions day school - Counterfire

Meetings are also being planned by York Counterfire, Norwich Counterfire and Counterfire Cymru, so like the Facebook pages to keep up with the details.

Before you go...

Counterfire is expanding fast as a website and an organisation. We are trying to organise a dynamic extra-parliamentary left in every part of the country to help build resistance to the government and their billionaire backers. If you like what you have read and you want to help, please join us or just get in touch by emailing [email protected] Now is the time!

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