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Tens of thousands of people on The Great Return March, holding Palestinian flags, make their way along the Israeli border at a distance of half a mile

The Great Return March makes its way towards the Israeli border, 30.3.18. Photo: Twitter/@WMPSC

Tens of thousands marched peacefully for the right to return to the occupied territories, but IDF soldiers shot to kill reports Jack Hazeldine, with 6 weeks of protest ahead

Jack Hazeldine

Jack Hazeldine

Jack Hazeldine is an organiser in the People's Assembly and Stop the War.

Based in Bristol, he has coordinated the largest demonstrations and public meetings in the city in recent years: against austerity, in support of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of Labour, over the Junior Doctors' struggle and against the British bombing of Syria. He is currently travelling between the UK and Catalonia, building the solidarity campaign and corresponding on events.  


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