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Students from universities across the country converged in an angry protest in London against fees and cuts to education - the first time the NUS has called students back on the streets since the student revolt in 2009/10

student protestThis years students were the first to face the increase in fees. As a result there were 15,000 fewer applicants to universities compared to 2010.

But this is not just important for students. The whole anti-cuts movement should stand in solidarity with the students today.

The students were responsible for kick starting the anti-cuts movement in 2009 mobilising, for the first time, tens of thousands against cuts. This led to the historic TUC demonstration in March 2011 which turned tens of thousands into hundreds of thousands with over half a million marching against austerity.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen big step forwards in the anti-austerity movement after a difficult year. The TUC demonstration on 20th October with up to 300,000 marching, the first co-ordinated European day of action against austerity which saw general strikes in 6 countries and solidarity action in 17 more.

Coalition of Resistance invites everyone to come together at our National Conference on Sunday 2 December where we can discuss how to take the movement forward and plan the next steps in the fight against austerity.

Coalition of Resistance National Conference 2012
10:30am – 4pm, Sunday 2 December
Regent High School (formerly South Camden Community School)
Charrington Street
London NW1 1RG

Click here for more info and to register

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