#StandWithGaza Workplace Day of Action

StWC and CND are calling on all those in work, college or university to Stand With Gaza by organising a walkout, lunchtime or early morning protest (or other collective action) calling for our government to call for a permanent ceasefire on Wednesday 7th February.

Every collective act, big or small, sends a message to those who are suffering in Gaza that we are with them and puts pressure on our government to call on the Israeli government to stop bombing Gaza.

Get organised in your workplace and #StandWithGaza on 7th Feb!

Building for 7th February:

To be able to get the maximum activity on the 7th Feb take the first steps:

  • Organise a meeting with your workmates to discuss what you will be doing on the day.
  • Take a collection round your workplace for Medical Aid for Palestine.
  • If your union has resources in support of Palestine, like posters and flyers take them round your workplace.
  • Organise a delegation to the next national demo on Saturday 3rd Feb and join the Trade Union bloc.
  • Call a union meeting and put a motion in support of whatever action you decide to take on the 7th Feb.
  • Set up a Free Palestine WhatsApp group in your union/workplace.

On the day:

Gauge what action that best fits your circumstances:

  • Gather outside your workplace for a 30-minute stoppage.
  • If this is not possible gather at lunchtime outside your workplace with a Ceasefire now banner and posters.
  • Organise a lunchtime protest inside your workplace. Find a room you can assemble your colleagues to listen to a speaker from Gaza calling for support and after take a photo of all those gathered with posters etc.
  • If you don’t work in an industry that has lunch-breaks as such, find out when most are free after work to meet up to protest outside your workplace.

In short, we are looking to collectivise the resistance within the workplace on the 7th February.

Let StWC office know what you are organising to do on the day so that we can share with others – email: [email protected]