Revolution! Imperialism and the Political Crisis

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Israel’s assault on the Palestinians has created carnage in Gaza and the West Bank. It has also created a global crisis. As millions have taken to the streets here and around the world, Israel and its backers in the West are more and more isolated. As the Israeli aggression continues, the risk of a wider war grows by the day.

At home, our political elite’s support for Israel is creating turmoil. Massive protests have defied an attempted ban, removed a Home Secretary, and led to a crisis inside the Labour Party.

Leading activists and analysts are coming together at SOAS on 18 February to discuss the causes and consequences of this crisis and how we can strengthen the resistance. Join the discussion. Book today!

Speakers: Tariq Ali, Leanne Mohamad, Lindsey German, Andrew Feinstein, Holly Rigby, Barnaby Raine, John Rees and more to be announced