MANCHESTER | Radical Chains: Why Class Matters – book launch

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In his new book, Radical Chains: Why Class Matters, Chris Nineham argues that the mainstream denial of class is not a coincidence but something vital to the maintenance of capitalism. As such, Radical Chains calls for class to be placed at the heart of the politics of emancipation.

Chris Nineham is an activist, socialist, and founding member of the Stop the War Coalition. His previous books include The People v. Tony Blair, The British State: A Warning, and How the Establishment Lost Control.

Event hosted by Manchester Counterfire


“This is a powerful book… It will be controversial with commentators, many academics and mainstream left politicians, but his case that the working class has always been the most important source of radical ideas in society is strong. Read it.”

Raju J Das, Professor at York University, Toronto, and author of Marxist Class Theory for a Skeptical World

“A much-needed book at a time of growing class struggle, but when class still remains on the margins in the academy. A clear-sighted and accessible analysis of how to understand class in the neoliberal era.”

Deepa Kumar, Professor of Media Studies, Rutgers University, author of Outside the Box: Corporate Media, Globalization and the UPS Strike

“Compelling, compact … wide-ranging … A much-needed explanation for why a return to class is essential if we are to have a future worthy of human beings.”

Paul LeBlanc, author of A Short History of the US Working Class and From Marx to Gramsci

“Covering a vast terrain from the necessity of organization to the problems of identity politics, this is a much-needed treatise on the emancipatory possibilities of understanding class as a social relation.”

Alpa Shah, Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics, author of the award-winning Nightmarch: Among India’s Revolutionary Guerrillas

“Beautifully written, Radical Chains shows how class struggle has put the issue of human freedom on the agenda over and over again. It is panoramic in its historical scope… a much needed challenge to the fragmentation wrought by academic postmodernism.”

Tony McKenna, author of The War on Marxism

“Sets right the disastrous error of representing class as an identity or a cultural category equivalent to other twenty-first-century identities. An urgent read.”

Rachel Holmes, author of Eleanor Marx: A Life

“This important and timely book makes the argument that the side-lining of class in mainstream political debate today has only one winner: the establishment.”

Holly Rigby, teacher, activist, and writer