Pushing for Peace at the TUC 2023

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The GMB union has submitted a resolution to the TUC Congress this year calling for support for the west’s war effort in Ukraine. This follows last year’s resolution calling for an increase in arms spending which narrowly passed.

If this new resolution wins it would be a big setback to the anti-war cause and to the Labour movement more generally. It would mark the first time that the trade union movement has backed a British war effort this century. It would only encourage the Tory government to continue its sabre rattling and to ramp up its military spending.
As part of our campaign against the resolution, Stop the War is hosting a zoom rally to explain why trades unionists should oppose the Tory backed escalation in Ukraine. It will be introduced by three leading figures in the movement, former Unite official Andrew Murray, national officer of the NEU Louise Regan and Sean Vernell from the UCU national executive.

Our in-person TUC Fringe Meeting – Wages Not War: Why Peace Is A Trade Union Issue – will take place on Mon 11 September at 6.30pm in the Britannia 2 Room, Holiday Inn Express, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AD.