National Demonstration: Protest the Tory Party Conference

Details and Resources

Join us to protest against the Tories over their conference weekend in Manchester. Time to Demand An End To the Tories and their years of injustice to so many!

Join us in Manchester on Sunday 1 October for a National Demonstration against the Tory Party Conference. Assemble 12 noon on Oxford Road next to Manchester Museum. There will be a rally afterwards in Castlefield Bowl.

The march and rally is accessible for disabled people. For a shorter march, join us at The Briton’s Protection (pub).

There will also be a series of political events, protests, performance, music and much more for the duration of the Tory Conference – details to follow soon).

Let’s collectively and en-masse demand the change we need and give the Tories one final push to get them out of power! Once they’re out of power, we will continue to hold any subsequent government firmly to account.