London – Unite against fascist Tommy Robinson

On Saturday 27 July, fascist “Tommy Robinson” is calling on his far right, racist and Nazi thug supporters to “take over” central London. Robinson was a member of the Nazi British National Party and founded the English Defence League. 

On 1 June the mobilisation was extremely Islamophobic and racist. Lawrence Fox echoed the Nazi National Front slogan “I want my country back”. Robinson’s supporters chanted “who the f*** is Allah” and other hateful slogans. Fascists and the far right in Britain have been fuelled by the virulent anti refugee and Islamophobic racism pushed by Sunak’s government. 

Robinson is looking to put even bigger numbers on the streets on 27 July.  We must build the biggest protest to unite against him as possible. This means unions, faith groups, campaigns and organisations, politicians and cultural figures—all opposed fascism—coming together on the day. 

It is imperative that we stand united against Robinson’s hatred and attempts to divide us. Join the march to show united opposition in London on Saturday 27 July.