London Anti-War Convention: Stop Bombing Gaza! Stop Bombing Yemen!

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Israel’s war on Gaza is destabilising the entire Middle East. The US and the UK have now been bombing Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world, for weeks. Attacks on Lebanon are intensifying and there have been strikes on Iraq and Syria.

The possibility of the war spreading further to include Iran raises the spectre of a nuclear war in the Middle East.

This is why we are holding an anti-war convention on Sunday 28 January. The Convention will be an opportunity for activists and experts to come together to discuss the increasingly dangerous situation in the Middle East and examine how the anti-war movement can rise to these new challenges. Breakout sessions will examine how best you can build the movement to support the Palestinians and campaign against a wider Middle East war.

Speakers include Daniel Kebede (NEU Gen Sec), writer and academic Ghada Kharmi, StWC’s John Rees, Claudia Webbe MP, Richard Boyd-Barrett (Chair of the Irish Anti-War Movement), Andrew Feinstein (Shadow World) and more.