Durham – Book launch: A People’s History of COVID

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The People’s Bookshop is delighted to welcome Terina Hine to Durham to discuss her new book, A People’s History of Covid.

Ms Hine not only offers a lucid and accessible account of the of the covid pandemic, she also asks the hard questions: Why was the morbidity rate in Britain among the highest in the Western world? Why were you more likely to die or become severely ill if you were working class, black, or poor?

She looks, too, at those who benefitted from the crisis and shows how and why a select few of the wealthy with connections to senior members of the Conservative party were allowed to profit on an obscene scale from the pandemic.

Ms Hine’s analysis comprehensively describes the ways in which the crisis was mismanaged by a corrupt and incompetent government that continuously put profits before people’s lives.

Doors open at 6.30 and the event runs from 7pm – 9pm. Drinks and snacks will be available from the Deli.

Tickets are £5 which can be applied to the cost of a copy of the book on the night.