Bristol – After the elections: confronting the system, fighting the far right

The elections in France saw the left, gathered together in New Popular Front (NPF) top the poll, defeating both the the fascist National Rally party (RN) and Emmanuel Macron’s neoliberal centrists.

This is a dramatic turnaround from a week earlier and a product of the street mobilisations against the RN, combined with the left in France coming together to offer an alternative to voters in the form of the NPF.

The UK election has showed a similar pattern of polarisation, albeit less dramatically. The Tories have been eviscerated & Labour has won & landslide in terms of seats, but with a very small share of the votes.

On the right, Reform polled strongly in a warning of what may be to come, but the left and the Greens also did well, & Gaza Independent MPs and Green MPs outnumber Reform.

Come and hear author and activists Katherine Connolly put the case for why we need an insurgent and anti-systemic left, in order to confront the decaying neoliberal order & to pose a genuine alternative to the populist and fascist right.