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The limits of identity politics - video

Elaine Graham-Leigh explains the origins and limitations of identity politics and what a Marxist understanding of oppression and how to overcome it offers

  • Written by Elaine Graham-Leigh
  • Category: Video
University of Manchester occupation banners. Photo: Lucy Nichols

#OccupyUoM: students have had enough

Lucy Nichols tells us why she's part of the occupation at the University of Manchester, what are the demands and how the university has responded

  • Written by Lucy Nichols
  • Category: Video

Why Labour fails - video

Dragan Plavšić explains why the Labour Party fails as a party that was founded to represent the working class

  • Written by Dragan Plavšić
  • Category: Video
CLR James, Brixton, 1988

CLR James: a revolutionary life - video

Unjum Mirza gives an introduction to the revolutionary life of CLR James, a Marxist, historian, novelist, playwright, and cricket lover

  • Written by Unjum Mirza
  • Category: Video

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