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Over 100 low-paid workers at University of London are going on strike next week. The strike is on 27th-28th November

Over 100 low-paid workers at my university are going on strike next week. They're the cleaners, caterers and porters hired by the University of London for the central libraries and student accommodation. The strike is on 27th-28th November.

They're going on strike for proper sick pay, holidays and pensions. Even more excitingly, they're doing it through a small independent union called the IWGB, as Unison screwed them over too many times.

To make the strike even stronger we want to raise a £4000 strike fund over the next 10 days. Ways you can help:

  1. If you want to donate, click through here: www.3cosas.tumblr.com Every bit will help!
  2. Some friends have put together an amazing looking benefit gig at the Brixton Jamm this Saturday night (23rd). Doors £7 - if you're going out on Saturday, please come along and bring all your trusty sidekicks.
  3. There's going to be a great little fundraising video coming out soon, which I'll send to you. If you could forward that round group lists, your workplace, family, friends, that would be amazing. It'll be quite slick and easy on the eye.
  4. And of course, if you have time - come to the picket lines!!
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