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  • Published in Video

King's Lynn saw the first union demonstration in decades as 200 people marched through the town and held a rally in the middle of the High Street - a picture repeated in towns and cities across the UK

A demonstration of around 200 people marched through the centre of King's Lynn, stopping the traffic and stunning shoppers. Organised by the Trades Council and Coalition of Resistance, it is the first Trades Union march in the town for decades.

Demonstrators were protesting at the proposed changes to public sector pensions, but all the speakers at the final rally made the point that this is part of a more general attack on working people. One speaker, Richard Murphy, turned down the chance to speak in London because he wanted to join the protest in King's Lynn.

With all ages represented from pensioners to children in buggies, the demo was lively, noisy and proud to show that people in King's Lynn do not need to go to London or Norwich to protest.

King's Lynn protestor