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NHS workers protest low pay in London, July 2020. Photo: Lucy Nichols

NHS workers protest low pay in London, July 2020. Photo: Lucy Nichols

Health workers protest in London against Tory betrayal, reports Lucy Nichols

On Wednesday evening, hundreds of NHS workers from all over London marched from St. Thomas hospital to Downing Street, demanding a pay rise for nurses.

The socially distanced protest shut down Whitehall as NHS workers and trade unionists came together to resist the Conservative government. Nurses have been totally left behind by the Tories - despite risking their lives to keep hospitals going during the pandemic. While other NHS workers have been given a (well-deserved) pay rise, the nurses have not.

In response, trade unionists (from the central London hospital that saved Boris Johnson's life) marched on Downing Street and threated to strike if demands were not met. The message was clear: we must protect the NHS at all costs, and this includes protecting the people who work in this vital service.

Help us protect the NHS: make sure to join one of the 33 nationwide protests taking place on the 8th of August.

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