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Gilets Jaunes in Lille on Saturday 8 December in mass solidarity gesture with the detained high school students of Mantes-la-Jolie, of whom around a hundred were put in the stress position illustrated when detained by armed police following their protest. Photo: @GiletsJaunes_FR

Yellow Vests, Act Four: where is France going?

Saturday's huge Gilets Jaunes mobilisation across France defied Macron's Project Fear, as high school students facing state repression join a movement that continues to rise. John Mullen reports from Paris

  • Written by John Mullen
  • Category: Opinion
Demonstration opposing Tommy Robinson supporters, 14 July 2018. Photo: Flickr/Mark Ramsay

The far right can be stopped

The UK far right, complete with distinct Nazi elements, is a clear and present danger, asserts Sofie Mason

  • Written by Sofie Mason
  • Category: Opinion
City of London. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The rise and fall of neoliberalism

The neoliberal order established since the 70s is collapsing and what comes out of it is down to us, argues Chris Bambery

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: Opinion