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The Peterloo Massacre. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The women of Peterloo

We can learn from the inspirational struggle of working-class women against a violent and corrupt Tory government 200 years ago in our fight against the Tories today, argues Katherine Connelly

  • Written by Katherine Connelly
  • Category: History
Pride event

Stonewall 50

Marking the half-centenary of the Stonewall riots, Morgan Daniels looks at the history of the Stonewall Inn and what it means for radical queer politics everywhere

  • Written by Morgan Daniels
  • Category: History
Troops landing on D-Day

How we should remember D-Day

Chris Bambery looks at the history that will be lacking from this week's Trump-branded commemoration of D-Day

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: History
Margaret Thatcher

The dawn of Thatcherism, 40 years on

When economic liberalism fused with social conservatism: Tom Whittaker looks at the origins, impacts and legacy of Thatcher's politics, four decades on

  • Written by Tom Whittaker
  • Category: History