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The role of the Police

Police organisation has historically been created in order to control exploited and oppressed communities, and this remains the case, argues John Clarke.

  • Written by John Clarke
  • Category: Analysis
Sharon Graham

Unite and the politics of Labour

It is not putting workers’ interests first to ignore politics, argues John Westmoreland, as Unite Leader, Sharon Graham, absents herself from Labour Conference

  • Written by John Westmoreland
  • Category: Analysis
Factory-Smoke-From-Sugar-Cane-Company-Florida| Photo: Captain Kimo – Flickr | cropped from original | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 | license linked at bottom of article

Climate and Class Struggle

Climate chaos will hit the poor and the working class the hardest. A fighting movement is needed to demand climate justice, argues John Clarke

  • Written by John Clarke
  • Category: Analysis

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