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Strikes in Angers, January 2020. Photo: Révolution Permanente via Twitter

What next for the French strikers?

The mass movement in France is impressive and has made enormous gains but the battle against Macron's Thatcherite reforms needs a second wind, reports John Mullen

  • Written by John Mullen
  • Category: Analysis
Boris Johnson scratching head Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chathamhouse/

Johnson’s government is not invincible

Prospects for stopping the Tories can appear bleak following the general election, but Alex Snowdon argues that there are reasons to be hopeful

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Analysis
Trump, Merkel and Macron. Photo: wikimedia commons

Do not be fooled: Trump is the problem

European governments are frightened by Trump’s behaviour but even more frightened of upsetting relations with the US, argues Lindsey German

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Analysis
Homelessness in Manchester, September 2019. Photo: Stephen Conway vi Flickr

Rising up from the streets

The recent election result will mean misery for the most vulnerable, but people with experience living on the street are fighting to resist, reports Norbert Lawrie

  • Written by Norbert Lawrie
  • Category: Analysis

Labour's leadership race - where's the left?

To preserve and build on gains made, we must respond to the lack of leadership on the Labour left with wider extra-parliamentary struggle, writes Alex Snowdon

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Analysis

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