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Chris Bambery delivers a much-needed book portraying the political and military intricacies of the Second World War from a Marxist perspective.

Chris Bambery, The Second World War: A Marxist History, (Pluto Press 2014),304pp.

The Second World War casts a long shadow, portrayed as a necessary and paradigmatic war that defeated fascism. During recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, US presidents and British prime ministers have tried to claim they were following in the footsteps of Winston Churchill by standing up to dictators.

In The Second World War Chris Bambery tests this position in a thorough account of the war and tries to understand why it still dominates TV history channels and school history books.

Bambery argues that the conflict ultimately was about a division of the world between the great powers, as well as a rising of ordinary people against fascism. He offers a complex and radical analysis, that is unique when compared to many modern and conventional histories of the war.

Chris Bambery has delivered a much-needed, accessible work portraying the political and military intricacies of the Second World War from a Marxist perspective. A major achievement

(George Clode, Deputy Editor, Military Hi)

Bambery's The Second World War is one of the single best popular histories of the war's origins and consequences that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I highly recommend it.

(Alex Anievas, Anna Biegun Warburg Junior)
Chris Bambery provides a comprehensive and detailed alternative history of the origins, cause and aftermath of World War II from a Marxist standpoint. His claim that it was in no way a war for democracy and against fascism will provoke wide-ranging debate. (Ian Birchall, historian and author of 'T)
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Chris Bambery

Chris Bambery

Chris Bambery is an author, political activist and commentator, and a supporter of Rise, the radical left wing coalition in Scotland. His books include A People's History of Scotland and The Second World War: A Marxist Analysis.


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