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Britain is Broken - General Election Now!, London, 12.1.18. Photo: Jim Aindow

Europe in revolt

As protests across Europe are generalising, UK activists must seize the time, writes Dragan Plavšić

  • Written by Dragan Plavšić
  • Category: Opinion
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The meaning of the Yellow Vests

Out on the streets of France, hard-hit working people are furiously repudiating austerity, sham democracy, and the neoliberal programme of President Emmanuel Macron, reports Susan Ram

  • Written by Susan Ram
  • Category: Opinion

For a left populism - book review

Mouffe’s elaboration of a left populist strategy contains some useful insights but ultimately rests on the centrist ideology that it appears to criticise, argues Josh Newman

  • Written by Josh Newman
  • Category: Book Reviews