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Counterfire has launched a crowdfunder appeal to help us move to a new office and expand our operations

Thanks to everyone who has donated to our crowdfunder so far. Your generosity has meant we are already at 35% of our target. 

If you haven’t given, please rush us the biggest possible donation.

Here are some of the comments from donors so far:

“There is renewed, insurgent opposition to the establishment and its parties. Counterfire puts the mass movement centrally and the growth of strong socialist organisation through it, not articifically and from without. I think Counterfire makes a big, positive contribution to doing that. Please help us to do more and on a bigger scale.”
Kevin Ovenden

“Counterfire is arguably one of the few and most successful organisations capable of popularising Marxist theory through a strong grassroots movement, which is desperately needed today.”
Sadaf Moosvi

“I have just donated to the Counterfire crowdfunder. Whether it is on Palestine, austerity or defending migrants and refugees, Counterfire has placed itself at the heart of the movement for change and justice. Their website and weekly blog are go to places for comment, analysis and reviews. Counterfire deserves your support.”
Alex Kenny

Counterfire has been at the heart of the Palestine movement from the start. Since the movement escalated in October we have had to expand our operations. Printing up to three times more papers a month, having to hire new staff and having to move to a new, bigger office to keep up. 

The demand for socialist politics and organisations is accelerating rapidly. That is why we are asking our members and supporters to give as generously as you can to our crowdfunder to raise £20,000.


Quick Tip:

If you click on the ‘enter custom amount’ button under the slider you can avoid paying any gratuity